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Schebler Food Equipment is part of a company that's more than 100 years old. Over time, our company has drawn on an old world heritage that values elegantly engineered solutions to solve an amazing range of manufacturing problems.


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Belt Coating, Perfect for Chocolate


Belt coating systems take the cake when it comes to chocolate coating. Unlike traditional panning, belt coating systems provide better chocolate distribution through their drip-manifold or spray system technology. They also offer a smaller footprint per capacity, and their open architecture makes them more accessible for maintenance/cleaning and unloading. Belt coating systems make it easier and more convenient to inspect and view the product during the coating process so you can watch your confection experience coating perfection!

An LED wash down light not only allows you to view your product, it also uses a fraction of the energy compared to standard incandescent. Not to mention, it has an IP69K wash-down rating, and contains an acrylic shatter-proof window above the food zone.

Another benefit of belt coating systems is their efficiency. They deliver increased air flow to the product zone and less lost product, especially when you use a belt heater for reclaiming chocolate onto the coated center.

Belt heaters can be installed to provide radiant heat to the chocolate covered belt. When heat is applied to traditional pans, they stay hot and continually melt the chocolate center. However, the belt coater plastic does not experience the same residual effects of the heat, which means only belt panning allows chocolate to be reclaimed, reducing product loss.
Contact Schebler Food Equipment for more information about the unique characteristics of belt coating and traditional panning systems.