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About Us

Schebler Food Equipment is part of a company that's more than 100 years old. Over time, our company has drawn on an old world heritage that values elegantly engineered solutions to solve an amazing range of manufacturing problems.


Revolv® Features

When you choose a patented Revolv® Belt Panner from Schebler Food Equipment, you can be sure that your confectionery coated products will have the eye appeal that makes candy lovers take a second look. Our panner delivers uniform coating of chocolate - milk, dark and white - and yogurt to perfection.

With Schebler's Revolv® Belt Panner, your confectionery coating process is set to save time, labor and cost of operation. Our panners are engineered for easy access to the inside of the machine and with stainless steel construction and food grade materials , complete wash down can be achieved for the highest degree of sanitation. And all of these advantages come with a footprint significantly smaller than industry standards.

The Revolv's® automated control scheme includes load cells, PLC based recipes, Operator Interface with "On The Fly" recipe editing, Single/Double/Triple-Drip jacketed manifolds that allow you to run single/multiple coatings - such as milk, dark and white chocolate - on the same unit without cross contamination.