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About Us

Schebler Food Equipment is part of a company that's more than 100 years old. Over time, our company has drawn on an old world heritage that values elegantly engineered solutions to solve an amazing range of manufacturing problems.


Revolv® Belt Panner

Consumers have a big appetite for chocolate in particular and coated confections in general. Whether you're coating nuts, raisins, dried fruit, coffee beans, pretzel chunks or virtually any other bite-sized snack, a Revolv® Belt Panner can be customized for your application. Our patented design ensures a beautifully smooth, uniform coating while maximizing uptime and minimizing maintenance.

One of Revolv's® most highly valued features is the availability of Schebler's unique Multi-Drip Manifolds. With the optional upgrade to double and triple-drip manifolds, you can run multiple coatings (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, flavored coatings and many other combinations) on the same unit without cross contamination.  These PLC-controlled units speed production by allowing for “on-the-fly” recipe parameter changes without automode interruption.

The Revolv® is ideal for hard to coat centers. The adjustable nozzles provide fine streams of chocolate, making it crystallize almost instantaneously, allowing for a faster drying time with less likelihood of saturating the center and creating unwanted double clusters.

Look to Schebler for innovation in increasing throughput, flexibility and energy savings. You’ll also see labor, productivity and production cost advantages over traditional revolving pans.

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The Revolv® is designed to save time, labor and cost of operation. Learn about how it can help your bottom line.


Technical Specs

The Revolv® comes in five standard sizes to fit any size operation.





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