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About Us

Schebler Food Equipment is part of a company that's more than 100 years old. Over time, our company has drawn on an old world heritage that values elegantly engineered solutions to solve an amazing range of manufacturing problems.


News and Events

Belt Coating, Perfect for Chocolate

Belt coating systems take the cake when it comes to chocolate coating.Read More

Versatility with Panning Bowls

Schebler Food Equipment’s new product, traditional panning bowls, gives you more options than standard belt coaters and polishers.Read More

Custom Conveyors

Schebler Food Equipment provides custom conveyors for our customers with unique needs that are not met by standard conveyor systems.Read More

YOU are in control when you use the Schebler Food Equipment progressive recipe function

Schebler Food Equipment’s progressive recipe function is an innovation that can further increase your productivity. Read More

Sanding and Oiling Drums

Sanding and oiling drums are standard pieces of equipment in the confectionary industry. At Schebler Food Equipment, we produce quality sanding and oiling drums to ensure you’re able to produce the best quality products possible.  Read More

Laser Cleaner Conveyor

At Schebler Food Equipment, we can create individual solutions for customers with specific and unique needs, and that includes our new Laser Cleaner Conveyor.Read More
Schebler Food Equipment is proud to have our own Division Manager of Food Equipment Britt Brockhage as a technical support instructor for the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s upcoming summer course on confectionery technology. This will be Brockhage’s fifth year providing his knowledge and expertise in confectionery science and equipment usage to students participating in this resident course.Read More

The new design includes a leg assembly made of laser cut and formed sheet metal instead of the traditional tubing or angle iron. 


Our melt tanks also offer a wide variety of standard features and options including casters, push bars, no hardware integrated lids with safety interlocks, screened hoppers, thermowells with digital temperature control, recirculation pumps and more.Read More

Belt Coater over Traditional Panning

When it comes to chocolate coating, belt coating systems are superior over traditional panning. They not only allow better chocolate distribution through their drip-manifold or spray system technology, they also offer a smaller footprint per capacity, and their open architecture makes for better ease of access for maintenance/cleaning and unloading.Read More

Steam Table Conveyors

Steam table conveyors are a necessity in the world of gummy candies. In the gummy candy making process, gelatin is poured into a starch mold. Once it cures, the candy is dumped onto a tray to separate the candy from the starch; however, there is some residual starch remaining on the gummy. In order to remove the starch, a laser candy cleaner conveyor cleans and transfers the gummi to a steam table conveyor enabling the surface to become tacky.  Once the exterior surface has become tacky, the gummi is transferred to a Schebler sanding drum for sugar coating.Read More

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