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About Us

Schebler Food Equipment is part of a company that's more than 100 years old. Over time, our company has drawn on an old world heritage that values elegantly engineered solutions to solve an amazing range of manufacturing problems.


Drum Coater/Sander

Dry Coating

For 360° application of dry sugar crystals to jellied candies you can count on Schebler drum coaters/sanders for consistent coverage. The secret is in our three-tiered technology that features a sugar curtain with optimal flow circulation, a controlled product flow and our continuous spiral action.

Schebler dry coating systems can also be employed to apply a virtually endless number of coatings to the full range of sweet and salty snacks, including licorice, gummies, fruits, pretzels, chips, popcorn and crackers.

The stainless steel perforated drum enhances air flow, and its low product bed depth reduces coating time by exposing maximum surface area to freshly circulated air. Our unique flighting design optimizes mixing and coating of product centers.


The Oiler is ideal for coating gummies with oil, adding a tasty shine and ensuring they will not stick together when they are packaged for consumption.

More features …

  •  Capable of handling batches up to 9,000 lbs
  •  Gentle treatment for complex or delicate centers
  •  Innovative, reliable spray system design
  •  Positive shutoff at low pressure to eliminate drip and nozzle clogging
  •  Air flow monitored for humidity, temperature and velocity
  •  Optional CIP capability for drum and spray system